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The Youth Climate Council brings new perspectives into Danish climate policy and provides input to the minister on future climate solutions. The Youth Climate Council develops recommendations to the minister twice a year and has previously presented recommendations on e.g. the energy sector, sustainable agriculture, the North Sea etc. If you are interested in learning more about the Council’s recommendations, you can read the recommendations in Danish: Ungeklimarådets anbefalinger.

The members of the Youth Climate Council are appointed for a one-year period, and they come from all parts of Denmark from different fields of study and represent different approaches to the climate challenge.

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You can contact the chairperson Nadia Gullestrup Christensen at or the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities contact person Sofia Hemmingsen at

Nadia Gullestrup Christensen, chairperson

Representative of the Danish Youth Council. Born in 1999.

Nadia is studying a Master in Environmental Economics at the University of Copenhagen and is a Danish Youth Delegate to the UN for climate and environment, where she represents Danish youth at UN environment and climate conferences. In addition, she is also an EU Youth Delegate to the UN, where she represents the youth of the EU at UN summits.

My ambition as a member of the Youth Climate Council is to work for a meaningful collaboration across generations. Young people’s input is important in the climate debate because we have new perspectives and high climate ambitions that politicians and business people can learn from. I am particularly interested in the renewable energy deployment and climate finance. Massive investments are necessary to make a green transformation of our society for the benefit of the whole society in many years to come.

I am coordinating the work of the Youth Climate Council, and I am working to ensure that it has a broad base among young Danes. In addition, I am the Council's contact person, which means that external parties can reach out to me if they wish to get in touch with us.

Member of the Youth Climate Council since September 2021.

Inquiries regarding events, statements etc. can be directed to Nadia. E-mail: or phone +45 3135 7903.

Carl Emil Lind

Born in 1998. Lives in Herlev.

Carl Emil is an apprentice as an industrial technician at a machine factory in Rødovre. He is the president of the Danish Metal Workers’ Union youth division, which organizes blacksmiths, mechanics, IT professionals and other professionals in transport, industry and IT. He represents the Danish Trade Union Confederation in the Youth Climate Council.

My ambition as a member of the Youth Climate Council is to give employees a voice in the climate battle. Craftsmen are essential to be able to build Denmark greener. Wind turbines, solar cells and other energy solutions cannot build themselves. Conversely, there is also a task in ensuring that some of the people that are employed in outdated industries with high greenhouse gas emissions are properly trained to be able to work in the green industry. The climate battle holds a wealth of opportunities for employees if the transition is done wisely.

Member of the Youth Climate Council since September 2021.

Elise Sydendal

Representative of the Green Youth Movement.

Born in 1999. Elise is born and raised at Fejø and is now settled in Copenhagen.

She studies political science at the University of Copenhagen.

She is a climate activist in the Green Youth Movement.

I believe that the climate crisis can only be solved through structural and profound changes in society, which is why I am pushing for responsible political climate action as a climate activist at the Green Youth Movement. Science tells us that we are in an incredible hurry if we are to avoid irreversible collapse of our ecosystems. I am excited that I, as a representative for the Green Youth Movement, am able to provide a link between our movement and the Youth Climate Council. I have a broad interest when it comes to the green transition and climate. I am particularly involved in education, transport and the EU.

Member of the Youth Climate Council since September 2021.

Adam Holst Hoffbeck

Born in 1993. Adam is raised in Haderslev and is now settled in Væth.

He is educated as a cabinetmaker and works with sustainable forestry and design.

Climate and sustainability mean a lot to me. That is why I was delighted when I became a part of the Youth Climate Council. Here I can use my voice and be a spokesperson for young people while gaining new insights in the climate field. I am interested in many things. Common for all them is nature, craft and culture. I value a positive tone and talking with people that have other views than myself about climate. Here, mutual respect can arise while at the same time a better knowledge about the climate is established.

Member of the Youth Climate Council since April 2021.

Simon Weber Marcussen

Born in 1995. Simon is raised in Nykøbing Sjælland and is now settled in Holbæk.

Co-owner and co-founder of Danish Seaweed. Danish Seaweed is working towards becoming Denmark's first CO2-negative company without the purchase of climate offsets. Speaker on sustainable entrepreneurship and chairman of the Danish Seaweed Organization.

A seat at the Youth Climate Council is an opportunity for me to influence the future and thus a task that I am very happy to take on. In my daily work I have seen how rules and laws can be changed if the content is presented correctly and with a good dose of stubbornness. That is also why I believe that our mutual voice in the Youth Climate Council can influence and create change. I see huge opportunities for a sustainable development of the Danish maritime territory. This area is often overlooked in the climate debate. I will do what I can to hold the politicians to their green promises and remind them that their mandate mainly comes from a population who wishes for a greener future. I love the real nature. Both life above and below water is a true passion for me. Unfortunately, real nature will soon be a rarity. That is why we have to find better and more efficient solutions as soon as possible.

Member of the Youth Climate Council since April 2021.

Maiken Tillgaard

Born in 1994. Maiken is raised in Søften and is now settled in Aarhus.

She is an educated English, biology and math teacher and works at Klovborg Friskole.

I believe that climate is the most important agenda today. The latest many years I have dedicated my time to promote the climate agenda, and to educate and inform children and young people as well as give them opportunities to make their voices heard. My vote in the Youth Climate Council would therefore not only be my own vote as a young person in Denmark but also a vote for those who do not yet have the right to vote. Through my profession, I have my finger on the pulse of what children and young people feel and think about when it comes to the climate and biodiversity crisis. Their voice deserves to be heard because they ultimately will face the greatest impact.

Member of the Youth Climate Council since March 2022. 

Jakob Fritzbøger Christensen

Born in 1996. Jakob is raised in Hvalsø and is now settled in Copenhagen.

Co-founder and director in GRØN, the Foundation for Sustainable Development. GRØN develops video-based educational material for students worldwide, produces documentaries and is responsible for the podcast “Klimakrøller”.

My interest in the Youth Climate Council is not to advocate for specific policies in specific areas. I aim to strengthen the Council as a central public institution that can contribute with perspectives and solutions, advancing the interests of youth in the climate field. A successful green transformation in Denmark requires behavioral change, new technology, stronger legislation and changes to the economic system, and finally listening to all communities through genuine citizen engagement. 

Member of the Youth Climate Council since March 2022.

Clara Guttman Andersen

Born in 1996. Clara is raised in Vordingborg and is now settled in Middelfart.

Graduated in Forest and Nature Management from the University of Copenhagen and is currently working with forest investments in Europe.

It is hard to navigate in political agreements, toasts and legal frameworks when you are a young person who want to help securing the future of the next generations. Can you be sure that political agreements are leading in the right direction? I think it is important that we as individuals do not lose our understanding of the problem. We have come too far from primary production. Urbanization is creating a gap of understanding between urban and rural areas that may become the biggest barrier to solving climate challenges. As a member of the Youth Climate Council, I work to ensure that all young people are involved and have the opportunity to understand the nuances of the climate debate, so that the Council can make viable and representative recommendations to the minister. 

Member of the Youth Climate Council since March 2022.

Yasemin Yavari

Born in 1995. Yasemin is raised in Istanbul and Solrød Strand and is now settled in Copenhagen.

Graduated in Business Administration and Communication from Copenhagen Business School and is currently working with energy solutions for industry at Schneider Electric.

I aim to use my voice in the Youth Climate Council to influence and accelerate the green transformation of the society. A successful green transition requires a new approach to climate investment. Specifically, I see opportunities in focusing on the impact of buildings and industry on the climate crisis. We waste too much energy in these sectors. I believe we need to both expand renewable energy and electrify society, at the same time as taking the lead on energy efficiency and reducing our energy waste in industry, the public sector and private homes. This will not only have an impact on the climate, but also a direct impact on people's health and well-being. I believe that with youth involvement we can lead the way and change the climate agenda.

Member of the Youth Climate Council since March 2022.


Anna Bak Jäpelt

Born in 1994. Anna is raised in Frørup and is now settled in Copenhagen.

She is a sustainability advisor and project manager at the think tank Frej. She is also studying for a Master degree in Agronomy at the University of Copenhagen.

Today there is a big gap between rural and urban, academic and skilled. The reality of young citizens in cities can be very different from the reality of young citizens living on the countryside. My ambition is that as many young people as possible, across backgrounds and geographies, understand the nuances of the green transition and their individual role in the future society. Specifically, there is a need to train both the hands and the minds needed to do the work of achieving our climate goals. I therefore want the Youth Climate Council to work with relevant youth involvement from both universities and vocational schools to improve recruitment and to ensure both better and more relevant education across the country. 

Member of the Youth Climate Council since March 2022.

Nick Petersen Jørgensen

Born in 1998. Nick is raised in Nordborg and is now settled in Risskov.

Nick is doing a combined apprenticeship as an electric at Vestas and Elcon. Nick has been appointed by the FH – Danish Trade Union Confederation.

The electricians of the future play a crucial role in the green transition. That is why it is incredibly important that we have a voice when it comes to the climate solutions of the future. As a member of the Youth Climate Council, I want to rethink the way we integrate and approach new technological advances.

Member of the Youth Climate Council since March 2022.

Sigurd Seindal Krabbe

Representative of the KFUM-scouts in Denmark.

Born in 2001. Sigurd is raised in Hedensted, lives in Thyregod.

He is a member of the committee of international affairs in KFUM-scouts and member of Vejle Youth Council.

Many young people feel powerless in the pursuit of a green transition and have doubts about how they can contribute beyond cutting down on meat consumption or flying less. While the need to look inwards is unavoidable, there is also a need for young people to engage outwards. I find that asking a climate-related question to an elected representative or voting for a climate-conscious representative in the student council or youth council is climate action, too. My involvement in the Youth Climate Council is based on the democratic anchoring of the green transition, as those in power often excuse their lack of action because they find the population unready for the extensive initiatives, which science has been calling for in decades. Yet, again and again, the Youth Climate Council and the Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Issues composed of “ordinary” people show to be ready to follow the science and take the necessary actions once they are fully informed of what is at stake. Young people understand the scale of the climate crisis, as does the majority of the remaining population. The politicians should have no doubts in this.       

Member of the Youth Climate Council since December 2022

Sofie Winge Petersen

Born in 1998, lives in Søborg, raised in Silkeborg.

Sofie holds a Bachelor Engineering in Process & Innovation Engineering from DTU. She is a co-founder of Paint’R, which has developed a more sustainable alternative to the paint bucket. In addition, she is employed part-time as Sustainability & Operations Specialist at Reel, which matches SMEs’ power consumption with the installation of new solar cells and wind turbines, opening the doors for power purchase agreements that otherwise has been reserved for the country’s largest companies.

In the Youth Climate Council, I want to work to ensure that the voices of young people across the country and from all backgrounds have the opportunity to be heard in climate policy. The green transition requires us to redesign our society for the better, and here, input from a broad range of young people is important. I am particularly interested in looking at the framework that climate policy sets up for industry and green entrepreneurship, as well as the role of municipalities in the transition.

I coordinate the Youth Climate Council’s work on setting up local youth climate councils. Local youth councils bring young people together to develop local ideas and advise local politicians to innovate climate action. Five councils are running in Denmark, while five are politically decided and many more are in the pipeline.

If you are interested in local/municipal youth climate councils or would like to get in touch with any of the councils, please feel free to reach out to me.

Inquiries regarding local youth climate councils can be directed to Sofie by email:

Photos: Adam Rieper and the Youth Climate Council