Denmark’s global green leadership

Denmark stands as a green pioneer in the global climate effort, with the aim of inspiring and influencing the rest of the world.

Denmark is a relatively small country, only accounting for 0.1 % of global emissions.

Yet we are firmly committed to be a global force for driving sustainability and innovation in the fight against climate change.

We have set the world’s most ambitious climate target - and made it legally binding.

We have set a firm date to cease exploration of oil and gas.

And today, we are at work on a bold plan to build first-of-their-kind energy islands for gigantic offshore wind farms.

In order to accelerate the global green transition, it is crucial to continue fostering close cooperation between governments, private companies and citizens around the world.

From Hanoi to Copenhagen, and Seoul to Cape Town, we must find new ways to catalyze climate investments, accelerate green innovation and create successful public-private partnerships.

Danish efforts are, to a great extent carried out, through the EU, multilateral and bilateral collaborations, and alliances with countries and non-state actors.

In the EU, Denmark held an important role in the negotiations and decision making to ramp up EU’s 2030 target last year from at least 40% to at least 55%.

Denmark also cooperates bilaterally on the green energy transition with 19 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We stand as global leaders in transforming our energy sector from fossil fuels to renewable energy, bringing decades of experience and insights into energy planning, integration of renewables, offshore wind, and energy efficiency.

One example can be seen in our ongoing partnership with Vietnam, where our lessons learned are being shared with Vietnamese industry to help achieve significant energy savings. The climate effect of this increased energy efficiency is expected to result in annual CO2 emissions reductions of three million tonnes over the next five years. This corresponds to 37% of the annual emissions from Danish energy consumption as of 2018.

Moreover, we have launched an international strategy on climate action. One of our key priorities is leading the shift of global financial flows from black to green energy. As part of this strategy, Denmark will actively lead by example and promote a global phase-out of coal power and international coal financing.

International collaboration and social fairness is crucial to Denmark. Our commitment to a socially fair transition is reflected in our leadership of the International Energy Agency’s new global commission on people-centered clean energy transitions.

Denmark stands as a green pioneer in the global climate effort, with the aim of inspiring and influencing the rest of the world. In the years ahead, Denmark will continue top model leadership in the global green transition, contribute to significantly raising global ambitions for the climate, and actively advance the commitments established in the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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