Open data on energy supply


The initiative Open energy supply data aims for a renewable energy sector transition to ensure supply security, along with stable and af-fordable energy prices. Total energy consumption savings and a sus-tainable transition are two important goals for the energy sector.

Solar and wind energies are characterized by fluctuations in production. This creates conditions for more flexible energy consumption demands for consumers, along with a better balance between energy production and consumption.

About 40 percent of the total Danish energy consumption is attributed to heating, ventilation and lighting of buildings. This makes buildings one of the most important sources of energy consumption in society. At the same time, buildings create potential for flexible energy consumption and energy savings.

In the future, buildings could contribute to a better balance of the energy system by means of more intelligent control and deployment of energy consumption. Data about prices of electricity, weather conditions and the actual needs of the heating and ventilation of buildings support the implementation of this potential.

The initiative will demonstrate how better access to data can be used to optimize energy control and improve the role of buildings in the total energy system.

Consequently, the use of data in the future energy system has become part of the Digital Strategy 2016-2020. The initiative "Open data about energy supply" examines and demonstrates possibilities of improved access to pertinent data, opens channels to new data, and supports intelligent buildings in the future. 

The Utilities’ Data portal

The Utilities’ Data Portal is a platform made by the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities in collaboration with the ministries underlying department; the Danish Energy Agency, the Danish Water Regulatory Authority, the Danish Utility Regulator and the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency. The platform should serve as a single entry point for data on utilities. 

This initiative is the first step towards combining data from different utility areas into one data platform.

The purpose of the platform is to increase the use of and improve access to data in the utilities sector. In the long term, it will increase transparency in the different utility sectors, improve decision-making, and create a breeding ground for innovation and new business models.