Public-private partnerships


The Government has entered into 14 Climate partnerships with all segments of the Danish business community. The purpose is to ensure that the business community will contribute to reducing greenhouse gases in Denmark using methods that take into account Danish competitiveness, exports, jobs and welfare.

The 14 Climate partnerships:

  • Land transport
  • Service, IT and consultancy
  • Aviation
  • Waste, water and circular economy 
  • Construction sector
  • Life science and biotech
  • Trading
  • Manufacturing activities
  • Financial sector
  • Energy and utilities sector 
  • The Blue Denmark
  • Energy-intensive industry
  • Food and agricultural sector
  • Defense


A CEO from a major company within the sector chairs each partnership. In March 2020, the partnerships presented more than 400 recommendations for the sector and the government. Since then the partnerships and the government have worked with implementing many of the recommendations.

Embedded in the Green Business Forum, the Government’s Climate partnerships will contribute to strengthening dialogue between Government, the business community and trade unions on opportunities and obstacles in the green business transition. The forum will follow the work of the 14 Climate partnerships in the various business sectors, focusing on progress in the sector roadmaps and synergies, and beneficial cooperation between the different Climate partnerships on issues such as technological developments and research. The forum will discuss specific paths to achieving greenhouse gas emission reductions through business-community initiatives and policy action and discuss the business potential for Danish green-sector companies. Green Business Forum meets semi-annually and its members include a wide range of directors and chairpersons from leading Danish companies and professional bodies and a wide selection of Government representatives. 

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