Roaming prices in the EU

Telecom and broadband

Since the establishment of an EU roaming prices regulation in 2007, prices in Denmark have dropped by more than 90 %. In the beginning in 2017, “roam like at home” has become a reality in the EU. People can now use mobile devices when travelling in the EU, paying the same prices as at home for voice calls, SMS and data.

Since 2007 the EU has adjusted roaming prices in the EU in recognition that roaming markets are not sufficiently competitive. The EU regulation has capped the prices that the telephone companies in the EU can charge their customers when they use the telephone or their mobile broadband subscription in another EU country. Prices outside the EU are not covered by the regulation.

New Regulation proposal from the Commission to ensure EU travellers continue to benefit from free roaming

The Commission has proposed a new regulation that will prolong the current rules that are due to expire in 2022, for another 10 years. It will also ensure better roaming services for travellers. For example, consumers will be entitled to have the same quality and speed of their mobile network connection abroad as at home, where equivalent networks are available. The new rules will also secure efficient access to emergency services, including improving awareness about alternative means for people with disabilities, as well as increase consumer awareness on possible fees from using value-added services while roaming. The proposal is still being negotiated.

Integrated consumer protection

The EU regulation of roaming stipulates that customers have a right to be informed about the prices of making and taking calls, sending SMS messages and using data abroad. The information requirement is also valid when travelling outside the EU.

The EU regulation shall furthermore protect the customers against unexpected high bills. Unless customers deselect the notice option, the telecommunication companies are required to establish an automatic cut-off function of data services Telecommunications companies are thereby allowed to block data consumption when a customer's data bill on roaming amounts to EURO 50 (exempt of VAT), corresponding to about DKK 465 (inclusive of VAT). This is also valid for trips made outside the EU.

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