COP26 Climate Summit

Global cooperation

Denmark aims to be global green frontrunner and lead the way for renewed and ambitious targets at COP 26 in Glasgow.

COP26 is taking place from October 31st to November 12th 2021 in Glasgow. The conference is seen as a decisive moment in international climate action, as the international community will take stock with the global levels of ambition, including the Parties’ new or updated Nationally Determined Contributions, which must be submitted before the conference. At the moment, 50-60 Parties have submitted updated NDCs, but there is a need for even more ambitious action. In addition, only 29 countries have submitted their long-term low-emission strategies.

Important negotiations on unresolved issues from the Paris Agreement rulebook, such as Enhanced Transparency Framework, Common Time Frames, and the market mechanism for trade with carbon credits must be concluded at COP26. Furthermore, there will also be negotiations concerning climate financing, including discussions regarding a new climate financing goals from 2025 and onwards.

COP26 must also show, that the green energy transition is possible – both technologically and from an economic point of view. Innovative and feasible examples of a green and just energy transition must be tabled. Denmark is a showcase example of these matters.

Finally, a priority for COP26 is to strengthen efforts to mobilize further climate finance and support - especially to those that need it the most. We need to drive real action in the economy by mobilizing and partnering with the private sector, development banks, and civil society.

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