Energy Commission recommends an ambitious energy policy in Denmark – here and now

Published 25-04-2017

The government-appointed Energy Commission has presented its recommendations for an ambitious energy policy to the Danish government. The recommendations will be included in the process of defining policy for the next phase of Denmark’s green transition.

The Energy Commission has completed its recommendations, and Chairman Niels B. Christiansen has handed over its report to the Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt. One of the key messages is that Denmark needs an ambitious, long-term energy policy as early as 2020, in order to reach the goal of a low-emissions society in 2050. The commission considers the government's 2030 target for renewable energy and the EU’s commitment for CO2 as stepping stones along the road to 2050.

To ensure an effective transition, the commission believes that a complete change in energy policy is needed. A change that must build on the solid results already made while also taking into account that the circumstances change continuously.

The commission points out that Denmark's energy policy should be more market-based, that subsidies for renewable energy should be phased out in the same rate as it becomes competitively viable, and that setting up a smart energy system is a criterion for being able to integrate renewable energy in the energy system, maintain a high level of security of supply and ensure the basis for new growth areas for Denmark's export of technology.

Chairman Niels B. Christiansen comments:

"Concluding  the work of the Energy Commission, it is obvious to us that an ambitious energy policy starting as early as 2020 is mandatory if we are to meet our long-term objective of a low-emissions society based on renewable energy in 2050."

Minister welcomes the report

The Danish government welcomes the Energy Commission's recommendations that reflect a highly qualified and ambitious effort designed to ensure that Denmark will gain advantage of current global trends while retaining its position as a nation that sets standards for the global transition to renewable energy.

"I am delighted that the Energy Commission states unequivocally that there is no contradiction between being ambitious and focusing on cost. In fact, quite the opposite. We need to adjust our energy and climate policies in order to gain as much green transition for our expenses as possible.  That's common sense, and I think that the commission has given us some excellent, clear advice as to how we can take the next smart step in Denmark's green transition," The Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Chr. Lilleholt, comments. He continues:

"The work of the Energy Commission is an important contribution to the preparations of the government's proposal for a new energy agreement that will be presented in the autumn of 2017.”

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