Belgium and Denmark agree to promote offshore wind in the North Sea

Published 04-02-2021

Today, Belgium and Denmark have agreed to strengthen their cooperation on offshore wind and innovative energy hubs in the North Sea. Such energy hubs can increase supply of green power and help fulfil the ambition enshrined in the EU’s Offshore Strategy on Renewable Energy to reach 300 GW in 2050 in order to reach climate neutrality.

Federal Minister of Energy, Tinne van der Straeten stated: “This cable connection will give Belgium access to Danish wind energy, at affordable prices for our families and compagnies. It will strengthen our country’s security of supply and bring us one step closer to reaching our national climate objectives for renewable energy, as well as our overall objectives under the European Green Deal. It is yet again proof of the great things we can achieve when we join forces and cooperate.”

The Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen said, “Denmark and Belgium are committed to Europe’s green transition. Today we are taking a huge step forward by strengthening the cooperation to jointly develop and connect offshore wind energy hubs in the North Sea. This will increase renewable power production considerably in both countries and promote Power-to-X technologies that can help decarbonize sectors such as heavy industry and heavy transportation.”

The agreement between the two countries is the starting point for further cooperation to explore the design of possible joint projects, including a possible cooperation on the energy hub in the North Sea.

The two countries have been cooperating on offshore wind development in the North Sea Energy Cooperation for years. In 2021, during the Belgian Presidency, the regional cooperation on offshore wind will play an important role in facilitating a cost-effective and coordinated rollout of offshore wind. Cooperation will especially focus on market-based solutions, coordination of grid infrastructure expansion and finding a balance between offshore wind and other activities at sea such as fisheries, military and biodiversity.


Danish contact information: +45 41 72 38 05