Sønderborg Action Plan: a global promise to energy efficiency

Published 10-06-2022

With a recognition of the importance of energy efficiency and a promise to work to increase it globally, the International Energy Agency’s conference in Sønderborg has concluded.

Many think of thermostats when they think of energy efficiency. Of opening the windows when it is nice outside, and closing the blinds when night falls in order to save energy. And that is exactly what energy efficiency can be – but it’s also much more.

The International Energy Agency has just published a new analysis stating that it is going to cost more in the long run, if we don’t increase our efforts on energy efficiency globally, than if we do. In fact, if we double our efforts this decade, we have the potential to save upwards of 95 EJ - equivalent to China’s total energy consumption.

“The joint statement and Sønderborg Action Plan are international acknowledgements of the importance energy efficiency holds and a promise to work to implement and increase energy efficient solutions and technologies globally. If we share our knowledge and experiences – as we have done here in Sønderborg – we can work to minimize our energy consumption and optimize our work towards climate neutrality and energy independence,” says minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities Dan Jørgensen.

In addition, energy efficiency has great potential as abatement for the skyrocketing energy prices, creation of green jobs, lowering bills, and last, but not least, strengthen energy security. Now more than ever – with an energy crisis right here in Europe and a climate calling for global action – we need to focus on energy efficiency.

Read the new IEA-report here.

The IEA started the Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency seven years ago in order to drive a high-level worldwide discussion on an area that we saw was not getting the policy attention it deserved. This week’s conference has shown the value of these efforts, not just in bringing together energy and climate leaders from around the world – but also in increasing ambition and action on efficiency to help tackle the global energy crisis. I believe we will look back at this conference as a key moment for bolstering international progress on energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy bills for citizens, enhanced energy security for countries and lower emissions for our planet,” says IEA-director Dr. Fatih Birol.

At the IEA’s conference on energy efficiency in Sønderborg, climate leaders from all across the world did exactly that. At the ministerial roundtable chaired by Dan Jørgensen, Danish Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, the participants endorsed a joint statement containing the ‘Sønderborg Action Plan’.

The Sønderborg Action Plan contains strategic principles and policy-toolkits that illustrate available and energy efficient solutions for governments.

Read the joint statement here

Facts about the joint statement and Sønderborg Action Plan  

  • In a joint statement the Ministers for Energy has come together to stress the importance of energy efficiency as a central remedy towards many of the different challenges that we are facing today.
  • It contains a number of strategic principles on energy efficiency as well as policy-toolkits to illustrate solutions for governments across the world.
  • A brand new analysis from the IEA underlines that energy efficiency plays a vital part in realizing the global climate goals.

The press offices of the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy, and Utilities can be reached at +45 41 72 38 05