Important international conference on energy efficiency in Denmark

Published 31-05-2022

Just a week from now, ministers, climate leaders, and participants from more than 70 countries will gather in Sønderborg to double down on the use of energy and increase the implementation of energy efficient solutions.

It all happens at the International Energy Agency’s seventh global conference on energy efficiency that takes place on June 7-9.

The green and energy efficient agenda has only become more relevant in light of the ongoing energy crisis in Europe. Especially because energy efficient solutions can further the green transition straight away unlike other bigger green projects.

Energy efficient solutions play an important role in reducing our dependence of Russian oil and gas and will help us reach our ambitious climate goals. 

Sønderborg has been chosen to host the conference because of its ambitions to become climate neutral by 2029 and Denmark’s strong international position on energy efficient solutions. The conference provides an opportunity for Denmark to show the rest of the world that energy efficiency is a completely necessary part of the climate puzzle.

”Now more than ever we need to increase our energy efficiency nationally and globally. We must reduce our energy dependence of Russian oil and gas and, at the same time, work to reach our climate goals. In order to do that, we need energy efficient solutions and technology. That’s what the International Energy Agency’s conference in Sønderborg is all about and why it’s such good news that a great number of climate leaders have agreed to participate in this year’s conference,” says Minister of Climate, Energy, and Utilities Dan Jørgensen.

Amongst the participants are Executive Director of the IEA Dr. Fatih Birol, United Kingdom’s COP26-President Alok Sharma, the EU energy commissioner Kadri Simson, Chile’s Minister of Energy Claudio Huepe, Egypt’s Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi, New Zealand’s Minister of Energy and Resources Megan Woods, and the Danish Minister of Climate, Energy, and Utilities Dan Jørgensen.

At the conference, climate and industry leaders will discuss the implementation of more energy efficient solutions and how to further its technological development.

”This Global Conference, bringing together leaders from around the world to focus on energy efficiency, could not be more timely as governments seek to ensure affordable energy supplies for their citizens, enhance energy security and set the world on a path towards net zero emissions. This unique international gathering is a recognition of energy efficiency’s central importance to these goals, and it will represent an important opportunity to translate plans into action”, says Executive Director at the International Energy Agency Dr. Fatih Birol. 

The conference will have sessions about the role of the consumer, the digitalization’s potential for creating behavioral changes and developing the technologies of the future. The conference will end with a Ministerial meeting on the different political actions that can further energy efficiency globally.

The program for The International Energy Agency’s seventh energy-conference is available here. 

Facts about the EE-conference

  • More than 20 ministers from across the world will participate in The International Energy Agency’s annual, international energy efficiency-conference in Sønderborg on June 7-9.
  • The Ministry of Climate, Energy, and Utilities and the IEA are hosting the conference in cooperation with State of Green, Danfoss and the Danish Confederation of Danish Industry.  
  • The purpose of the conference is to gather decisionmakers and industry leaders to strengthen efforts on energy efficiency by letting the industry showcase the available energy efficient technologies.
  • Energy efficiency has positive effects on the climate, health and the power bill.
  • With Project Zero, Sønderborg has a vision to reduce its own carbon footprint to zero by 2029 through conversion of the energy system. 

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