Global climate leaders prepare the ground for an ambitious COP28 at ministerial in Copenhagen

Published 21-03-2023

The past two days, climate ministers and decision-makers from more than 40 countries have gathered for the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial to discuss central issues to the COP process. The discussions have laid the groundwork for accelerated climate action and ambitious results at COP28 in the United Arab Emirates in December.

Two days of climate dialogue have just concluded with the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial wrapping up in Copenhagen. During the ministerial, climate leaders from around the globe exchanged views and sought out common ground on issues such as mitigation, loss and damage, climate finance and adaptation. This way the ministerial serves as an important steppingstone to COP28.      

The Copenhagen Climate Ministerial was hosted by Sameh Shoukry, COP27 President and Foreign Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber, the United Arab Emirates COP28 President-Designate, and Dan Jørgensen, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy.

Sameh Shoukry, COP27 President and Foreign Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt, says:

“As the first ministerial venue after the conclusion of COP27, I was pleased to note the level of participation and the depth of discussion during the Copenhagen Climate. I am fully confident that through this week’s discussions the road will be paved towards a successful COP28 in the United Arab Emirates and to build on the Sharm El Sheikh Implementation Plan and the other COP27 outcomes. Also very significantly, it took place on the day of the release of the IPCC’s AR6 Synthesis report. 

The climate crisis is growing more drastic, and we must continue to seek ambitious actions to save lives and livelihoods. Our ministerial gathering in Copenhagen reflected a unity of purpose and continued commitment by all stakeholders to work together. The spirit of Sharm Elshaikh of concentrating on implementation of what we agreed on has to be maintained. Equitable, balanced and transperant multilateral diplomacy can take us closer to additional solutions. I thank Minister Jorgensen and Minister Al-Jaber for their partnership at the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial."

Dr Sultan Al-Jaber, COP28 President-Designate, says:

“The Copenhagen Climate Ministerial is a milestone on the pathway to COP28 which will see the conclusion of the first-ever Global Stocktake – and aim to reignite momentum against climate change. Guided by the solutions laid out by the IPCC, this must be our moment to course correct and to usher in a complete and urgent response that accelerates all our efforts. The IPCC's AR6 report makes absolutely clear the importance of ambitious and transformative action to put the world back on track to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. More importantly, the report identifies the opportunities and solutions that are available to reduce emissions and enhance resilience. I welcome the consensus around the need to accelerate pathways to net zero by rapidly adopting renewable and zero carbon energies, decarbonizing the current energy system and investing in proven and new mitigation technologies. We have a short window of opportunity to deliver a system-wide transformation. But if we make the right investments, we can create a pathway for sustainable growth, where climate and economic progress go hand-in-hand. It is clear that we need to enhance NDCs, encourage all countries to align around net zero by 2050, and define measurable interim plans by 2030.”

Dan Jørgensen, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy, says:

“This year's climate negotiations are absolutely crucial for us to avert the most serious consequences of the climate crisis and keep the goal of limiting the global temperature increases to 1.5C alive. Bold decisions must be made now if we are to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. We need a roadmap to show the way for 43 pct. reductions in emissions by 2030. Therefore, we must deliver an ambitious result at the next COP. It is not easy to reach agreement on urgent climate action. In Copenhagen, we have laid important groundwork for COP28 to achieve results, in particular on the pressing issues of phasing out the use of fossil fuels and providing finance for green transition and climate adaptation in the world's most vulnerable countries."