Energy independence in Europe: Denmark and Poland strengthen their cooperation

Published 04-02-2024

Denmark and Poland agree to strengthen the cooperation on the green agenda. Particularly, the two countries will focus on harvesting the great potential for renewable energy in the Baltic Sea.

The goal is green transition and energy independence in Europe. The path needed to get there, is the expansion of renewable energy and phase out of fossil fuels.

Denmark and Poland agree on that. The two countries also agree that we should harvest the great energy potential of the Baltic Sea.

In Warszawa, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Lars Aagaard and Poland’s Minister for Climate and Environment Paulina Hennig-Kloska signed a joint statement signifying the importance of the Danish-Polish cooperation on climate and energy.

”Poland’s green transition is a benefit to the climate and Europe’s energy independence – and the Danish-Polish energy cooperation is a benefit to that transition. Therefore, I am excited to strengthen our cooperation today. The new Polish government presents a great opportunity to strengthen our green cooperation – both on a governmental and business-level,” says Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Lars Aagaard.

Expansion of renewable energy aside, the focus areas of the Danish-Polish cooperation are district heating and energy efficiency – and using those to work towards increasing the resilience to the energy crisis.

Furthermore, Denmark and Poland agree that in order to secure an ambitious, swift and just green transition, a cooperation in the European Union is important. The ministers will work closely together to further that as part of the trio EU-Presidency with Cyprus.

Read the joint statement here.