Climate ministers meet in Denmark to pave the way for enhanced global climate action

Published 20-03-2024

Climate ministers and decision makers from around the world will meet this week in Denmark to lay the groundwork for an ambitious outcome at the next UN climate summit. This is the first time since COP28 that climate ministers and prominent political voices are coming together to discuss the key issues of the COP process.

Three months ago, COP28 in Dubai reached an ambitious agreement that the world must transition away from fossil fuels and build much more renewable energy, improve energy efficiency, reduce methane emissions and end deforestation by 2030. Now climate ministers and leaders from more than 30 countries meet in Denmark to discuss how to turn the words of the agreement into global action. The issue of financing will be central to the UN's next climate summit, COP29, where a new global target for climate financing for developing countries is expected to be adopted. Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy, Dan Jørgensen will host the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial together with the current and incoming COP presidents from the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan.

"It was historic step forward that after almost 30 years of climate negotiations, the Dubai agreement finally addressed the issue of fossil fuels and set global goals for renewable energy and energy efficiency. But the real test is of course if we follow up with action. This year we need to set the implementation of the transition away from fossils on track and tackle the massive lack of finance for climate action in the world's poorest countries. It is crucial that we get everybody on board with a fair and realistic target for climate finance, which addresses the real needs of developing countries. Reaching an agreement on this difficult issue will require time and effort. That effort starts now here in Denmark," says Dan Jørgensen.

The agenda for the ministerial also includes the national climate targets (NDCs) that countries must report to the UN no later than the beginning of 2025. Denmark calls for all countries to make new climate targets and plans that are in line with the COP28 agreement on global transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems, tripling renewable energy and a doubling annual improvement in energy efficiency up to 2030.

"More ambitious national climate targets in all countries are necessary if we are to succeed in the fight against global warming and help the populations of poor and vulnerable countries to deal with its devastating consequences. At the same time, we need to make sure that poor and vulnerable developing countries get the support they need to increase the green ambitions in their NDCs," says Dan Jørgensen.

It is the third year in a row that Denmark is hosting the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial together with the incoming and outgoing COP presidencies. This year during the opening segment of the ministerial 'The COP Presidencies Troika' - a partnership between COP28, COP29 and COP30 Presidencies of the UAE, Azerbaijan and Brazil - will present the next steps to inject both pace and stability into the COP process in line with the UAE Consensus agreed in Dubai.

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