Danish aid for the reconstruction of Ukraine's energy systems

Published 17-11-2023

Ukraine's energy supply is under intense pressure from both attacks and the upcoming winters. Therefore, on behalf of Denmark, Minister for Climate, Energy, and Utilities Lars Aagaard donated 30 million Danish kroner for the reconstruction and handed over an emergency technology catalog of energy initiatives to Ukraine's Minister for Energy, German Galushchenko.

Winter is approaching in Europe. In Ukraine, it has significant consequences for an energy supply already under attack. Therefore, Minister for Climate, Energy, and Utilities Lars Aagaard met today with Ukraine's Minister for Energy, German Galushchenko.

On the agenda was the Danish-Ukrainian collaboration on the restoration of energy systems, which Denmark now also supports with an additional 30 million Danish kroner, subject to final approval.

In preparation for the next Winter, the Ukrainian Minister for Energy also received a requested emergency technology catalog containing recommendations from the Ministry for Climate, Energy, and Utilities.

"I am pleased that today I can add a donation of 30 million Danish kroner to the reconstruction effort and hand over a new emergency technology catalog that can help Ukraine prepare for the coming winter. The reconstruction of Ukraine's energy supply is essential assistance to the Ukrainian population and strengthens Ukraine against Russian attacks—and Denmark, through our energy collaboration, can provide help with our knowledge and experience," says Minister for Climate, Energy, and Utilities Lars Aagaard.

The Danish donation goes to the Energy Community’s Ukraine Energy Support Fund, which both procures and coordinates donations of energy infrastructure for Ukraine.

Earlier this year, the Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy announced a recovery package, of which 52.2 million Danish kroner goes to the Energy Community’s Ukraine Energy Support Fund. The additional 30 million kroner is now being contributed to that fund.

Facts about the emergency catalog:

  • The emergency technology catalog was developed by the Danish Energy Agency in close collaboration with Ukrainian consultants.
  • The purpose of the catalog is to assist local, regional, and national stakeholders, developers, companies, donors, etc., in prioritizing, selecting, and describing relevant electricity production technologies. Eight technologies have been selected in the catalog.
  • It is intended to contribute to creating a framework for technology choices, attracting investments, and donor assistance in the upcoming winter seasons.
Above is an example from the emergency technology catalog. It illustrates the technical potential for solar cells in Ukraine, and the buffer zones (marked in yellow, orange, and red) indicate where in the country artillery and short-range missiles would land if fired from the Russian border. Source: Danish Energy Agency.