Denmark lands international declaration on carbon capture, utilization and storage

Published 27-11-2023

Denmark and four other European countries take important steps towards a European cooperation on carbon capture, utilization and storage.

Europe needs a market and an infrastructure for carbon capture, utilization and storage. To push for that development, hundreds of participants from more than 30 countries gathered at the EU’s CCUS-Forum in Aalborg.

In light of this, five European countries have signed the Aalborg-declaration. The declaration states the importance of carbon capture, utilization and storage – and the need for developing a European market for it.

The signatures on the declaration belong to Denmark, France, Germany the Netherlands and Sweden.

With this declaration, we are steering towards the development of a European market for carbon capture, utilization and storage. Today, we have seen the will of both decision makers and business to evolve CCUS – it’s absolutely essential for the green transition and our ability to reach Danish and European climate goals,” says Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Lars Aagaard.

Read the Aalborg-declaration here.

Infrastructure for all of Europe

Besides the declaration, two Danish CCS-projects were named PCI-projects by the EU-Commission (Projects of Common Interest). Those projects are project Norne and project Bifrost.

From tomorrow, the projects will formally be considered important infrastructure-projects for the entirety of Europe and allow them the opportunity to apply for EU-funds.

“Only earlier this year I witnessed the first storage of carbon in the Danish underground – and now two Danish CCS-projects are appointed as important for the entire Europe. We’re moving fast in Denmark. And it’s only possible because we’ve worked tirelessly, technically and with great ambition – and because the Danish business wants to contribute to the development of full scale carbon capture, utilization and storage,” says Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Lars Aagaard.

Furthermore, on the first day of the conference, the EU-Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson shared in their strategic considerations for carbon capture, utilizationand storage. Moreover, a mapping of possible placements for CCS-infrastructure and storage was presented – in which Denmark plays an essential role.

Read an unsigned version of the Aalborg-declaration here.


  • More than 400 national and international decision makers, industry players, scientist and interest organizations participate in the EU’s CCUS-Forum. The conference continues Tuesday.
  • Denmark is hosting the conference for the first time.